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    About Omega

    Talking about Omega watches is talking about one of the leading brands worldwide in the universe of vintage watchmaking. Its 168 years of history are its best letter of introduction and synonymous with a job well done.


    The company was founded in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) by young Louis Brandt. He dedicated his whole life to the assembly of vintage watches with pieces supplied by other local watchmakers, and it was the following generations (his two sons Louis-Paul and César) who made the big leap and began to produce their own movements. In 1880 the company moved to the city of Biel / Bienne with the aim of finding more labor and thus increasing its production. In 1894 they obtained great success creating their first caliber of their own production. Louis-Paul and César Brandt died in 1903, leaving a thriving company that produced 240,000 watches a year and employed 800 workers.


    The company was inherited by 4 descendants. Paul-Emile Brandt, the oldest of them all, would be the director of the company for the next fifty years. After World War I, the company was forced to merge with Tissot, forming the SSIH watch group in Geneva. In 1948 to commemorate the 100 years of the company, Omega presented its mythical Seamaster model, a robust, sporty and waterproof watch. In 1952 Omega obtained the prestigious Chronometer Certificate (COSC) for the movements of its watches. Its new range of classic watches called Constellation were delivered with this certificate. Under Brandt’s leadership, and after 1955 that of Joseph Reiser, the SSIH group continued to grow, creating and absorbing around 50 companies, including Lemania. In 1967 Omega introduced its De Ville line, which in a short time He became one of the best sellers of the firm. These models were intended to represent a new urban elegance and therefore the watches were simple lines and youthful. During the mid-sixties and early seventies, the Omega legend is forged: the Speedmaster reaches the Moon.


    In the seventies, SSIH was the first Swiss watch producer and third in the world but the appearance of brands such as Seiko or Citizen wobbled the company, which would end up merging in 1983 with another great giant in the world of watchmaking: Allgemeine Schweizerische Uhrenindustrie AG (ASUAG). A couple of years later, Nicolas Hayek, took control of the company, merging it with Swatch and forming in 1998 SMH (Swatch Group), current owner of Omega watches. In 1999 Omega introduced its new 2500 caliber, which was the first movement with Co-Axial exhaust. Today, Omega watches remains one of the most recognized brands in the world. Its advertising campaigns and its attractive models keep Omega on the cusp of luxury watchmaking brands in Switzerland.

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