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    About Patek Philippe Nautilus

    The story of the mythical Patek Phillipe Nautilus watch is closely linked to the story of another well-known watch: the Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet watches. Both belonged to the new generation of luxury sports watches in stainless steel and both were selected by Gerald Genta.


    After the growing success of the Royal Oak, Patek Philippe watches began to develop its own sports watch with high quality and luxurious appearance. The public changes. This new model was named Patek Phillipe Nautilus and played a key role in the company’s global marketing strategy. Patek took advantage of the launch of the model to modernize its image, but retaining its strongest pillar: tradition.


    In 2009, in an interview Gerald Genta recalled how he designed the Patek Phillipe Nautilus. Its name was decided at the Basel fair, shortly after the design. The inspiring idea was the watch’s porthole window, like those that can be found on ocean liners.


    The monobloc box with an octagonal ship’s porthole with flat bevel secured by four lateral screws ensure its waterproofness. The eight angles were softened by a discreet and ingenious curve that gave the piece a soft and rounded look. The black dial with hour markers applied in the form of a cane and was characterized by its horizontal stripes in relief and luminescent hands. In addition, the watch had a window for the calendar at 3 o’clock. And the integrated bracelet had a folding clasp contributed to the personality of the design.


    The name of the model was taken from Jules Verne “Twenty thousand leagues of submarine travel” novel and has been a great success, despite the fact that the watch was not a professional diving model. In 1976, the first Nautilus was presented in stainless steel with reference 3700/1. This model was later called “Jumbo”, due to the large size of its box (42 mm). The watch was quite thin, presenting a height of only 7.60 mm and had the automatic caliber 28-255 C. This same movement was used in the first model of Royal Oak reference 5402 of Audemars Piguet and in the Vacheron Constantin with reference 222. Two years later, Patek Philippe created a prototype of the model Patek Phillipe Nautilus with white dial manufactured by the famous sphere manufacturer Stern Freres. In 1980, Patek Philippe watches launched its Nautilus version for ladies (reference 4700) and a year later the reference of average size 3800 / 1A with a diameter of 37.5 mm – an alternative to the large size of model 3700/1 -.


    This watch featured central seconds and, as a result of Patek Philippe’s decision to develop their own movement, it also included the new 335 SC caliber. In 1998, Patek Philippe introduced the reference 3710 / 1A with another innovation: a power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock. It also had a smooth sphere of black color, a caliber 330 SC and Roman numerals applied. In 2005, Patek Philippe went further and launched his new Nautilus (reference 3712) with triple complication: power reserve indicator, analog date and lunar phases. It has an automatic movement of caliber 240 CV with micro-rotor and a back cover of sapphire to show his precious machinery.


    This reference had a very short life, since it was only in production for one year. In 2006, and 30 years after the original creation of Gerald Genta, a renewed Nautilus model was presented. The 5711 / 1A had a slightly larger box (43 mm) and its own manufacturing movement Caliber 324 SC with central seconds. Compared with reference 3700/1, reference 5711 / 1A introduced a new three-body case, in which the rear cover was shown as a separate part and a sapphire crystal was integrated to show the movement. The bluish tones of the sphere were accentuated and its typology and position changed, being much closer to the 12 o’clock markers. The 5711 / 1A bracelet also was different, since its closure changed to a double one,being much more practical and comfortable.


    The polished and brilliant central links became more square. That same year, Patek Philippe watches presented the successor of 3712: Reference 5712. The box increased minimally in size and the blue tones of the sphere improved. The address of the date numbers were repositioned for greater readability. Both the date indicator and the lunar phases increased in size, leaving no space for the 7 o’clock marker. The 6 o’clock marker was rounded off and the needles became thinner. The small red points indicating the power reserve became 4 instead of 3. But that is not all. In 2006, the Nautilus chronograph with reference 5980 made its first debut. It had a new Patek Philippe automatic movement in its 44 mm case. For the model’s 30th anniversary, Patek Philippe launched its 5800 reference – a narrower version of the Nautilus -. Throughout the years, the great Nautilus family has been growing and introducing variations of the original model, for both women and men and in stainless steel and precious metals. A remarkable model is reference 5726, which was presented at the Baselworld fair in 2010. It was the first watch of the Patek Philippe watches brand in stainless steel with an annual calendar complication and the caliber 324 S QA LU 24H.


    At the Baselworld 2014 show, Patek introduced its new Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph with reference 5990 / 1A, which added a double time zone and flyback chronograph. It is interesting to mention that in 2015 this rare prototype was sold in Geneva for a large amount of money, which confirmed the interest of collectors in the Nautilus. Patek Philippe’s Nautilus model (especially the reference number 5711) is still one of the most prestigious and sought-after sports watches by collectors today. To mark the 40th anniversary since its introduction, we are confident that Patek Philippe will add a new chapter to the history of this iconic piece.

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