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    About Rolex Explorer

    To explore. From lat. I will explore. Recognize, register, inquire or diligently find out a thing or a place. Such a definition could be used as a fundamental characteristic of one of the most important vintage watchmakers in the world. Rolex watches brand has been, since its inception, a pioneer in technical innovation and practicality with each of its watches. Discreet and undervalued for its simplicity, the Explorer rolex watch model was born in 1953 in order to meet the most demanding needs of the brave Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay. They reached the top of the world, and they did it with the help of the Rolex.


    The first prototype created by Rolex watches brand was referenced 6098 and dated 1953. It is also known by collectors as “Pre-Explorer.” Its 36 mm monobloc case with “Bubble back” back cover, its white dial without the characteristic 3, 6 and 9 or the written EXPLORER (which in the immediate subsequent production would be the identity of the model) and its smooth bezels are some of Its most notable features. The written vintage watchmaker brand Explorer began to appear in the spheres in 1953, after the conquest of Mount Everest. Reference 6098 was quickly replaced by a new model with reference 6298, with a new Oyster box with three bodies, screw crown and “tropic 21” glass. These last two references evolved at the end of 1953 towards two new references: 6150 and 6350. Both with three-body Oyster box, 6 mm screw crown and “22” tropic glass. All references so far named, mounted the old caliber of automatic movement A296. In the mid-fifties, Rolex launches its new 1030 caliber and with it comes the new Explorer completely redesigned with the reference 6610. Trying to constantly refine its models, in the late fifties, Rolex watches brand improves the 1030 caliber by launching the 1530 automatic caliber that the new Explorer with reference 1016 will mount. This reference will last until the end of the eighties, so there is a great variety of spheres and bracelets mounted on that reference.

    In 1971 Rolex launches a second Explorer model, named after Explorer II. This new model with reference 1655 is characterized and differs from the Explorer for mounting a fixed steel bezel with 24 hours engraved and for its fourth large orange needle. It is for this reason that the model has been nicknamed “Freccione” or “Orange Hand”. This model, specially designed for cavers (cave explorers) allows easy time reading, being able to distinguish between day or night. Many of these speleologists spent weeks without seeing the sunlight, so they were often disoriented, and were unable to distinguish whether it was two o’clock in the morning or night. This ingenious system, with its large orange luminescent arrow in the dark, allowed a quick reading of the AM / PM. In 1985, Rolex introduced a new Explorer II reference: the 16550, which mounts the new 3085 caliber, is marketed with two types of dial (white or black), and is presented with sapphire crystal. In addition, this reference changes its characteristic orange needle to a smaller red one, with its arrow-shaped tip.

    This reference was a few years in production and in the late eighties, Rolex watches brand introduces two other Explorer references: The first reference 14270 redesigns the mythical Explorer, giving it an air of modernity, but retaining its most characteristic features. This new Explorer with sapphire crystal, assembles a caliber 3000. Already in 2001, Rolex brings a small change to this reference, and replaces the old caliber 3000 by 3130. For that reason, Rolex also decides to change the reference number, which will become 114270. The second reference, corresponding to the Rolex Explorer II model is 16570, which mounts the new 3185 caliber and presents a sphere with a more modern design but very similar to the previous one. In autumn 2010, Rolex changes the Explorer model with reference 114270 for the new reference 214270, which is the one in production today.

    The most significant changes are the size of the box, which goes from 36 mm to 39 mm and the caliber, which becomes 3132. In 2011, wanting to make a turn to the past, Rolex changes its Explorer II Ref. 16570 for the new model with reference 216570. In this new model, the great orange arrow that characterized the model in the seventies appears again. In addition, it mounts the new 3187 caliber and its box is larger. The Rolex Explorer watch is a model that has been linked since its beginnings to the world of exploration and adventure, has always been presented as a wristwatch with sober aesthetic features, but at the same time elegant. A watch of great quality and history, which goes unnoticed.

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