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    About Rolex GMT

    The famous Rolex GMT watch appeared because of a very specific need: create a wristwatch with a double schedule. The change of time zone in the international flights in the early 50s made many of the pilots of large airlines demand a watch with specific characteristics.


    Thanks to the progressive evolution in the field of aeronautical ingestion, different time slots in longer air distances were covered. In response to the request of the disappeared Pan Am airline Rolex developed a clock with two simultaneous time zones. The watch has a novel fourth needle that indicated indicated the 24 hours of the outer bezel. The full turn of this fourth needle was equivalent to 24 hours, instead of the usual 12 hours. This model was baptized as Rolex GMT watch (Greenwich Mean Time).


    In 1954, Rolex watches brand launched its first GMT Rolex watch with reference 6542 characterized by its beautiful blue and red Bakelite bezel, which later would be the most relevant aesthetic feature of the model and dubbed “Pepsi Cola”. Another of its special features was its box without protection in the crown.


    The Rolex GMT watches reference 6542 with bakelite bezel had a short production since, during its normal use, the bezel usually had cracks and breaks . Once Rolex realized the problem, quickly replaced the Bakelite bezel with a metal one. However, the reference did not change. In the 60s, reference 6542 increased its popularity due to its appearance in the hit James Bond – Goldfinger. The beautiful Honor Blackman wore it in her role as “Pussy Galore” and for that reason the GMT 6542 is also known with that nickname.


    The Rolex GMT 6542 was also produced in 18K yellow gold. This reference was in production until 1959 and was later replaced by the emblematic reference 1675. It was probably the most popular model in the GMT and until 1979 its production was very extensive. This reference is found in steel, steel and gold and 18K yellow gold. It was the first Rolex GMT model with a box equipped with crown protections, following the example of the successful Submariner model. Throughout its life, this reference had a variety of bracelets, boxes and spheres; what makes is possible to find great variety of GMT 1675 model with different aspects. The Rolex GMT watches 1675 has been a model also used in the military world due to its robustness and practicality. Likewise, the Air Force of Peru ordered several Rolex GMT 1675 for young aviators. These model wes presented with the back cover perimeter recorded: Peruvian Air Force.


    The defense department of the United Arab Emirates also asked for this Rolex model for its helicopter pilots. These watches were characterized by carrying an eagle painted on its dial, emblem of the Emirates. In 1981, Rolex presented the new reference of GMT 16750, which was published in steel and gold (Ref. 16753) and in 18K yellow gold (Ref. 16758). This new reference integrated the new caliber 3075 and the fast change of date. It was in production until 1988. In 1983, Rolex launched its first GMT Master II with reference 16760, known as “Fat Lady” because of it thick case. It had an important advantage over the previous GMT: in it you could read three time zone.


    The revolutionary caliber 3085 allowed its hour hand to move by it fast change mechanism, remaining the other needles motionless. The hour hand could be adjusted independently, making it possible with the help of its 24-hour rotating bezel. In addition, the “Fat Lady” was the first Rolex GMT watch with sapphire crystal and was marketed only with one type of bezel: black and red, known as “Coca-Cola” or “Coke”.


    At the beginning of the 90, the GMT Master 16750 was replaced by the new reference 16700 that was produced until 1999 and was available with a blue and red, black and red or all black bezel. Simultaneously, with the introduction of the 16700, Rolex launched a new version of the GMT Master II with a new reference: the 16710. It was also available with the three types of bezel (Pepsi, Coke and black).


    This last reference was replaced in 2008 by the model that is currently in production: reference 116710LV, characterized by its ceramic rotating bezel. It is available in steel and gold (Ref.16713LV) and in 18K yellow gold (Ref. 16718LV). Athough the GMT is one of the most emblematic Rolex sports models, year after year had evolved leaving behind some of the most desirable references by collectors.

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